Northern Tint Tru Cut

Northern Tint Tru Cut
Available only at, Tru Cut Precut Window Tint Kits are cut completely and cleanly through both the tinting film and the clear plastic liner. Tru-cut kits are ready to form and install right out of the box.

Unlike Standard Cut Precut Tint Kits, which have excess film around the precut pattern that needs to be removed before prepping and installing the precut pattern, Tru Cut Precut Tint Kits are ready to prep and install right out of the box. A True Precut Experience.

If you want the fastest and easiest to install precut window tint kit, then our Tru Cut kit the kit for you. Just select Tru-Cut from the drop down option menu when purchasing your kit and we will make sure you get the best cut possible. Tru Cut.

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