After Installation Care

After Installation Care
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During installation, a trace of soapy solution always gets trapped behind the window film and needs a short period of time to completely dry before the adhesive can thoroughly bond to the glass. Dry time is determined by weather conditions and the type of window film installed. It is important to wait until the film is fully dry before attempting to roll down or clean your windows. This is typically 3-5 days.

Shortly after installation completion, a slight moisture-haze may appear and it's also possible small water bubbles may collect. Do not worry this is normal, trapped moisture will always dry and disappear.

All Northern Window Films come standard with a durable scratch resistant coating, although you should always use a clean, non-abrasive cloth for cleaning and drying. To extend the life of your window film, please consider the following care tips:

Cleaning Solutions
A mild soapy water solution works best. A few drops of liquid dish soap and tap water mixed in a spray bottle works very well, although most mild glass cleaning solutions are fine.

Cleaning Cloths
To minimize the risk of scratch damage to the films surface, always use non-abrasive materials and cloths that are free from contaminants.
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