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Northern Tint Install
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Please read completely and thoroughly before beginning installation of your film.

Before you begin, you may not know......

1. Never Install on front windshield. With the exception of visor strips, it is illegal to tint your front windshield. To View the tinting laws in your area please Click Here.

2. There is a clear liner attached to the film to protect the adhesive. To discover which side is the liner side, use to small pieces of transparent tape to pull a corner of the film apart. You will find 2 layers, the clear layer is the protective layer.

3. It is best to install the film with the vehicle in a shaded, well lighted, wind and duct free enclosure between 40 and 90 degreee F; where the weather will not freeze for at least 3 days.

4. It is best to clean the vehicle inside and out before installing the film to minimize contamination.

5. Read ALL of the instructions before beginning.

6. Apply the film on the inside of the windows only, never on the outside.

7. You can never use too much application fluid!

8. Creases cannot be removed. Handle film carefully and do not crease it.

9. It is best not to apply tint film, or let it dry, in direct sunlight.

10. Always use a sharp razor, never scissors, to cut or trim film.

11. Tint can be installed on factory defroster lines, but cannot be used on plexiglass, plastic or vinyl.

12. Window film actually makes rear defrosters work better, but do not scrape defroster lines with the razor when cleaning or preparing. Just squeegee carefully.

13. Do not use on thermal or double pane windows.

Written instructions can never explain all the details about window tinting. Watch our Free Video Instructions to get more in-depth instruction and visual demonstration on how to install your window tint.
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